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The Law Firm Companion is the firm name of my consultancy. We support and advise lawyers and law firms on their strategy and how to implement their strategic goals. 
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Advising and supporting individual lawyers, law firms, legal service providers and other companies that provide services in the legal services market (insurance companies, debt collection companies, legal tech-startups etc.)

  • Counselling and representation with regard to (1) liability claims and (2) professional ethics and unauthorized practice of law (UPL) according to German and European law (for more details please see this page);

  • Supporting and assisting law firms with their strategic processes from conception to implementation;

  • Speeches, key notes and lectures in-house or in open enrolment courses (for more details please see this page);

  • Individual coaching and mentoring of lawyers with management responsibility;

  • (Alternative) dispute resolution and mediation within law firms, or between individual lawyers and their law firms;

  • Arbitration: Either acting as arbitration counsel for law firms or as an arbitrator in matters between law firms and individual partners.

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